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Dave Tomatoes-Inspector George Gently: Gently in the Night 2009

-This an ongoing tv series that Brendan guest starred in an episode of. It’s your typical detective type show. Brendan plays Patrick Donovan, who has been exiled from the US for, ah, reasons…Basically once again he’s playing a (lovable but) dirty perv.  He plays a lot of those. I’m sure it’s pure coincidence:) Fun fact: Clare Calbraith who plays Helen Donovan was in Downton Abbey as the hussy housemaid Jane (Earl-eater) Moorsum. On your Must Watch Brendan list I’d rank this towards the bottom. It’s kind of interesting but there isn’t anything spectacular about it. It is easy to find though so if you’re looking for something last minute to kill time this is a good one. 

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